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Your chance to create

a more equitable and
sustainable world

for indigenous communities


Support marginalised women through

outreach training
and mentoring

to generate critical household income


Help young people

gain new skills,
knowledge and competencies

to thrive in education and beyond

Welcome to The
Origin Charity!

We were a UK charity helping indigenous and tribal communities in modernising parts of the world hold onto their unique identities without being left behind. 

We believe that indigenous people deserve a chance to benefit from development and recognise that the best way to achieve this is through providing new opportunities for practical training tailored to their distinct situation. .


Where we work

Ethiopia’s Omo Valley is the origin of all mankind and home to a diverse and growing population of indigenous people. Timing for help is critical as the Omo Valley tribes, the fragile environment they live in and the valuable cultures they embody are being determined by the fast-paced changes happening around them now.

What we do

Provide vulnerable women with


and look after their families

Women in Enterprise Project

Traditional women in developing countries are expected to balance many household responsibilities with very little money and their marginalisation from education means they can be trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty with no way out.

Act now to help provide practical training and support for women who are widowed and girls who have escaped arranged or abusive marriages.

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Train and mentor young people to


and encourage healthy sustainable living

Youth Development Project

Indigenous young people recognise the value of education but are vulnerable and can become socially misplaced when they move from villages to attend schools in town.

Accessing the right support during the transition can make all the difference and help young people develop skills to adapt and thrive.

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Indigenous News and Views

Cherri Hiyo’s Story

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The struggles and success of one Hamar women

Cherri Hiyo grew up just like the other Hamar girls in her village. She was the middle child in a family of five and expected to contribute her share of daily duties to keep the household going. Grains had to be ground, goats milked, water collected, meals prepared and younger siblings taken care of. Read More

Latest from the tribe