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Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. It is a country undergoing phenomenal modernisation with high stakes in its education system.

However, young people in the remotest corners of the country thousands of kilometres from the capital city are struggling to stay in school and are falling further behind mainstream society.

The Hamar tribe is home to the largest, youngest, and fastest-growing indigenous population in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. Many young Hamar people have a strong desire to be educated and to learn new skills. Formal schools have been open in the community for several decades, yet very few Hamar have completed secondary level schooling and a small minority have higher education qualifications.

The situation in schools in the Hamar district is problematic. Difficulties with adapting to the school routine, transition to town life, loss of cultural identity, stigmatisation, no parental support, language barriers and lack of money to pay for books and uniforms are key issues causing high drop out. Young people who have dropped out of school also miss out on basic but crucial skills like life planning, problem solving and social behaviour.

Why your support is critical now

More young people are migrating to towns to pursue education but are often completely unsupported and face challenges in the transition.

Students who drop-out early, lack the right skills to be able to look after themselves and prosper in modern society.

There are very few job opportunities in the local area and getting an income is crucial for young people to be self-sufficient.


Our goal:
To give young people (15-25 years) the opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge and competencies, helping them to complete education and achieve their ambitions.

Project activities to help young people

Educational support: after-school groups, homework and exam help, language club and holiday club
Entrepreneurship project: literacy and numeracy, basic business planning and vocational training opportunities
Work and life skills: job search and CV writing, computer skills, problem solving, career mapping, mentoring and higher education workshops
Graduate training programme: field and office work experience

Your donation will help young people prosper in education and beyond

We are a small charity realistic about what donations can help achieve in Ethiopia. The huge scale of needs means we can’t help everyone. In phase 1 we will work with four groups of young people at different stages of schooling in two towns, approximately 100 young people.

The youth development project will help address the diverse development needs of young people and is aligned with the Africa Youth Charter tackling issues around employment, sustainable livelihoods, education and skills development:

Provide training opportunities for youth to build confidence, skills and abilities to influence their lives and the world around them.
Educate and engage young people in basic business training so they can generate income to support themselves in schooling.
Create a nurturing environment in which indigenous young people can learn more about life planning and make well-informed decisions about education and work.
Work closely with the local schools to identify and support young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

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